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decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is becoming increasingly popular at weddings and special events. Wedding lighting can be an overlooked feature. At the Decorative And Visual Experts- The DAVE, we provide and install decorative lights throughout Sydney and surroundings. Our speciality is fairy light canopies, but we also can decorate your event with festoon and chandeliers as well as many event lighting options.  We can provide a complete installation and delivery service.

Unique and speciality lighting hire for Special events!

  • Weddings

  • Birthdays

  • Graduations

  • Corporate Events

  • Annual Celebrations

  • Engagements

  • Product Launches

  • Film and TV Set Locations

  • Photo Shoots

  • Backyard Events

Add something special to your special day with our large selection wedding lights. whether you are looking for a fairy lights canopy as well as a backdrop. festoon lights for creating a canopy effect, or some beautiful decorative lights for your venue or function.


Our talented team of design experts provide exciting, fresh and innovative ideas and programs to transform your vision into a reality. We offer a wide array of lighting products for any occasion or event. We strive to exceed every one of our clients expectations and vision. From major events to small backyard parties, we love to create the perfect lighting solution.


Our professionally trained installers are equipped and ready to accomplish any job year round. Our team work months in advance of scheduling and logistics to ensure your install and dismantle runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our health and safety management plans, staff training and business processes are of the highest standard with all risks appropriately assessed and managed.


Any of our other lighting products can be added to each service. Include a chandelier as a featured centrepiece, or or add colour with our colour changing wall wash lights.

our lighting projects

LIve tree lighting

This project was designed to allow an event and seasonal display throughout the year. The lighting is programmed to change for major events of the year. Samples of these events include the light changing color like red and green for Christmas, green for St. Patrick Day, and a rainbow effect for events like Vivid, Mardi Gras, etc. The lights can be programmed as a static display or dancing series of color and light.

The lights have been installed to ensure ease of maintenance and to minimize vandalism from mother nature and birds. The trees have also been considered when installing by using adjustable fixtures to allow the trees to move and grow and protect the trees from any harm or damage. Each light has been a position to ensure coverage is washed across the focal trees and trunk sections. Even the surrounding area has been considered on this install to ensure traffic and surrounding buildings are not affected by the lighting.

All lights are LED and rated for outdoor use as a permanent installation. The ever-changing colors ensure this display is a talking point and enhances the area as a new attraction.


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Event Lighting Project

Event Lighting Sydney

Event Lighting

We were commissioned to provide a mass of suspended lighting for this venue. The brief was to create a entrance statement and a mass of lighting in the main centre of the function room, focusing on the dancefloor area as the main attraction. The entrance lighting was creating a path leading to the centre of the room.

Each strand of lights is 3m long and is warm white in colour. This is a non twinkle LED light. Hours to install- 8 hours.

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