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Fairy Lights

Fairy LED lights are a great way to add a relaxing ambience or an air of romance to any space. Fairy LED lights work equally well indoor or outdoor.
The LED fairy light strings are certified and compliant to AS/NZ 60598.2.2002 ~ IP 44 rated and have bulb like qualities and are encapsulated in acrylic for durability and are rated at 100,000 hours burn time.
The Decorative And Visual Experts (The DAVE) LED’s are available in 2 colours – White and Warm White with a choice of Black or White cables. Other colours are available on request. We also have fairy light backdrop curtains, hanging icicle lighting and extra-long suspended light curtains.
Our fairy LED lights are a simple, safe easy to use system. They have versatile connectable sections. Each LED light string has water- tight end to end connectors. The LED light strings are durable and are suitable for indoor or outdoor us. Our Connectors and extension leads are water- tight. You can join up to 200 metres off one power point.

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Add On’s

Any of our other lighting products can be added to each service. Include a chandelier as a featured centerpiece, or add colour with our colour changing wall wash lights.