Haunted House Corner

Haunted House Corner



Haunted House Corners Window Cling Stickers (White or Black)

Whoaaaaaaaaa…. another new window corner set, printed either white or black to static cling material for applying to the inside of your window to be seen from the outside. This has been designed so that you can either use in either corner or place them back to back to create a window centrepiece! So brilliant it’s scary!

The set consists of 2 x separate clings each measuring 410mm wide x 295mm tall, or 820mm wide when placed back to back

In most cases we would recommend the white version but if your shop or home is very bright then the black version may show up better

Double-sided print for vibrant colours which can be seen from inside & outside, day or night! *

Printed to static cling material  with no sticky residue *