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Lights bring a sense of warmth and safety to an area; decorative light displays bring joy and a small sense of wonder.  The best way to draw people to a space in the evening is to invite them in with your lighting display.

After the bushfires and pandemic this year, people could do with something to bring them joy.  With restrictions on gatherings and so many in self-isolation, people may need a little help finding their festive spirit this season.  But that doesn’t mean that Christmas is cancelled; celebrations may just look different this year.

Setting up a Christmas light display will help lift people’s spirits, giving them something beautiful to appreciate and admire.  Creating a space for them to leave behind their stress and worry, even if just for a moment.  Seeing Christmas displays helps to restore a degree of normalcy to an otherwise chaotic year, even amongst all the changes, some things remain the same.


Christmas lights in a public spaces and business, spreads Christmas cheer to the community.  It’s a fantastic way to remind people that COVID hasn’t cancelled Christmas.  With all the stress people have been through this year, lighting displays will become a beacon of hope that some things remain unchanged.

Another great reason to set up Christmas displays?  An array of decorative lights creates a bright, cheery atmosphere for people on evening outings.   A place that’s visually appealing also attracts people wanting to share photos on their Instagram feed and other social media stories – and in doing so, promoting your business.

Christmas lights can be used year-round in various displays for greater Return on Investment.  Draw attention to special events or sales you may be having, or as a year-round set-up that encourages traffic to your business.  This can be done by colour and lighting design.

Looking to find high-quality lighting options for your decorative displays?  At The DAVE, we have a range of lighting options available, including fairy lights,festoons, and more.  New to setting up decorative light displays?  Our services also include design and installation for a commercial  settings, helping you bring your vision to life and making the process less daunting.  Give us a call or email

, The Dave

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